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We're a small business too. Like many of you reading this, we don't have a million-dollar marketing budget and an army of marketers to market our company. There isn't a celebrity or mega-influencer among us. So, like you, we have to be strategic and judicious with our time and resources. With this in mind, we strongly believe that the investment in long-form content such as lead magnets, white papers, podcasts, video content and the like sets your strategy in motion. Long-form content fuels your marketing machine and has longevity.

Our founder, Joanne French, goes into more detail about this in the podcast episode How to Multipurpose Your Content to Eliminate Content Burnout with Josh Tapp, The Lucky Titan Podcast. Have a listen.

Your content is your currency! Start planning your content with us today! 

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About the Founder

Joanne French

CEO, Founder, & Content Strategist

Joanne French helps companies bring big ideas to life through marketing strategy, action planning, and you guessed it - creating great content.  

Joanne has facilitated hundreds of workshops and interviews with senior-level executives at Fortune 100 companies. Her research and strategic planning guided numerous billion-dollar brands to peak performance during her 25 years career. Joanne strongly believes that people can tap into their most profound creative minds through team play (and fun)! Whether she is speaking at an event or workshopping with clients, she enables her audience to uncover their next big idea and provides them with the framework they need to succeed.

Joanne explains a little more about this in a recent podcast episode of  No Labels, No Limits with Sarah Boxx. 

Her newest endeavor is a recently launched podcast, Women Interviews, available on ten podcast listening platforms. Here, women business owners share their journeys to survive and thrive. These amazing women truly inspire Joanne, and her listeners to keep pushing their business forward.

Speaker & Workshop Leader

Joanne is a regular Constant Contact speaker and holds engaging email and social media marketing webinars each month. She also a speaks at local and national networking events and would be happy to speak at your next event organizational meeting. 

Download her speaker brief.

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